Made and delivered by members of your community, A Taste of Home combines healthy, delicious food with human connection and compassion.


A little over four years ago Shelly and Billy became active members of the Summerland Presbyterian Church volunteering their time both in and out of the kitchen.

"Billy and I started small. We prepared a dozen or so homemade meals for the homeless, wanting to give back to the community. It seemed like there were so many homeless people in Santa Barbara, and feeling blessed in our lives, we wanted to give back in a way that was meaningful. We made completely homemade meals from scratch to really let them know that we, and the community, cared for them. We felt it was most important to take the time to make them a truly good meal."

That program is now funded by the Summerland Presbyterian Church, and has grown to over ten steady volunteers that show up every Saturday to make and deliver 70 to 100 meals to the homeless.

As well as running the meals program for the homeless, Shelly became an alternate cook, helping to cook the Sunday brunch. From there, A Taste of Home came into being.


"I was always being asked if I could prepare and deliver meals to someone who had lost a spouse or was sick. Others were recuperating from surgery and others had just recently given birth. Often I was asked to cook and deliver meals for someone's mother or other loved one while they were away on vacation. I often get requests from friends that can't really do as much as they used to, but don't want want to bother or worry their children. There are also others that find that they are not eating right, or getting enough variety because they don't tend to cook much just for themselves."

"I realized that everyone deserves the best quality, freshest, never-frozen hand-prepared food to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes, no matter their reason. Now, we have A Taste of Home to do just that." 



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Shelly Sharp - Founder and CEO

Shelly Sharp - Founder and CEO